Loft is the most real side project i'm working on right now. It's one of my favorite ideas I've had and I hope it one day becomes real. We're getting closer every day.

It's all about providing the social context that matters to you, when and where it matters most. It's about letting content live where it was created and consumed where it should be responded to.

App Overview

App Overview

Loft is a social network for physical spaces. Any content in a loft can only be viewed if you're physically within its boundaries.

Create a loft by drawing a shape around your current location. Name it, add a photo, and optionally password-protect it. It now exists like WiFi -- you have be there to access it.

Lofts are great for shared spaces -- create a home loft to leave messages for your roommates; a cafe loft for sharing what the wifi password is or for meeting people IRL ("anyone here a designer? would love some advice real quick, i'm in the corner!"); a work loft for keeping sensitive documents safe at HQ; a wedding loft to have a central space for the lovers' story, a place for well wishes, photos from the night, etc; a classroom loft to allow the teacher to distribute documents quickly and efficiently.

Lofts allow for asynchronous communication, meaning you're never spammed with messages that don't pertain to your current situation. Loft sits between real-life bulletin boards and digital groups.