Cymbal 3.0

See Cymbal 2.0 to better understand what Cymbal is and what 3.0 changed.

The most recent version of the app and the last full version I worked on. Unfortunately, I had to leave before I got to finish, so I think there was still a ways to go in terms of polish, testing, and cutting features. I wanted to make a far simpler product, but that's how things go. I'm proud of what I came up with given the constraints I had.

App Overview

App Overview

The home page of the app shows the most popular songs across the app, along with top charts in a few key genres. This list can be altered on the server side for special events/locations/times*

The profile has been redesigned to better showcase and make a profile feel like it's been themed by their current favorite song. A clear call-to-action makes it easy to start listening to someone's music taste.

DMs were added with typing indicators and rich media, making it easy to send and discover songs with friends.

Every song has its own global page now, with most-upvoted comments, threads, upvote/downvote score, and a list of who's shared the song tailored to you (shows friends and most recommended for you, followed by chronological posters).



I'm really proud of this player.

1. It's fairly minimal and simple to operate (not an easy feat when you have to cram both media controls and social information onto it, in addition to following guidelines around streaming service attribution).

2. It has a robust queue management system just one slide away (no matter where you are in the player, slide from right to left and the queue appears beneath)

3. It displays a full threaded-comments section visible as you're listening.

4. As you scroll the page vertically, the player controls lock in at the top and comments scroll beneath, letting you continue to pause, play, save, and share the song while reading and interacting with the global song thread.

Player + Tab Bar Ideation

Player + Tab Bar Ideation

When redesigning 3.0, we had new features that required us to ditch the hybrid player design from 2.0.

One idea I had was a paginated, scrollable player/tab bar that let you focus on consumption or exploration as your session dictated.

One worry I had was that people would forget where the player was, so everytime they'd tap a song to listen to, the player would peek out to let you know where it lived.

I didn't end up having time to user-test this with a prototype that was more fleshed out, and I worried too much about discoverability, so it was scrapped. That being said, I think it's pretty cool and a smart solution to the stacked player bar issue (Spotify, Apple Music), hamburger menu issue (Pandora, Tidal), or the muscle-memory issue (SoundCloud's sometimes-there, sometimes-not player icon in their tab bar).

Keyboard Overview

Keyboard Overview

With a stacked tab + player bar combo, we didn't have room for any useless space when it came to a rich keyboard. This design popped out from behind the tab bars when a user began writing a message, and let them easily and quickly search, attach, and caption content across 4 different sources (Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and GIPHY).

3.0 Ideation.gif
2.5 & 3.0 Prototype Ideation

2.5 & 3.0 Prototype Ideation

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