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mario gomez-hall • founder & ceo @ solokey
Image showing the Solokey.xyz logo and a representation of the app

2022 — Present • Founder & CEO


Raised $3.8M from SevenSevenSix & Kindred Ventures
Crypto Security, Simplified: Solokey is the secure, encrypted home for your recovery phrases & private keys.

keys to the kingdom
An illustration of a phone, calendar, and party popper celebration

2021 — 2022 • Head of Design


Built the design team from 1 to 7 across product design, brand, and UX research. Designed products for gen-z to find time together, host events, share group calendars, and discover things to do. The Google Maps / Find My Friends of time.

A GIF of someone riding in a Lyft car, taking the NYC subway, riding a bike, and riding a scooter, all with the Lyft app

2018 — 2021 • Staff Designer

Lyft app redesign

Worked with Lyft's founders on a tiny team of three to make Lyft the one app to get around your city using bikes, scooters, public transit, car rentals, & rideshare.

let's ride
A top-down image of a business-owner's desk, with flowers, their Square debit card, and the Square app running on an iPhone

2017 — 2018 • Senior Product Designer


Took the concept of Square-as-a-bank and launched one of our most popular products to date: a debit card and banking services for merchants to keep business and personal separate.

big money
An image of the Restorist lowercase "R" logo with "Offset Your Carbon Footprint" oriented in a circle around the R

2019 — Present • Side project

restorist - live a cleaner life

Founded and launched a carbon emission reduction service targeted at consumers through brand and simple user experience.

save the trees
An image of a desktop computer open to an internet browser, with the webpage of Cymbal up.

2014 — 2017 • Co-founder

Cymbal - social music

Founded, raised $1.1M from General Catalyst + Rainfall Ventures, and grew our userbase to 150,000 users. Designed and built our product over 3 major versions across iOS, Android, & web.

bring the beat in